Come to play...stay for life!

Serving Florida’s Emerald Coast for over 50 years!

Sandestin Real Estate is the exclusive brokerage for Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort’s ownership and the only brokerage with offices located inside the gates of Sandestin. Founded in 1973, we are a market-leading real estate company servicing Florida's Emerald Coast, from Destin to Panama City Beach. Our real estate team consists of our sales specialists and a dedicated group of marketing professionals who support our agents to continue to be our area's top producers. From purchasing your dream home to buying a rental investment, or wishing to sell your property, our Sandestin Real Estate team can help you achieve a smooth transaction and maximize your results.


1. With 50 years as a brokerage along the Emerald Coast plus a combined 200+ years of sales expertise and local real estate industry knowledge, Sandestin® Real Estate is better equipped than any other to handle your Real Estate needs.

2. Our team of agents works closely together, and we are supported by an in-house administrative and marketing team that allows us to meticulously care for your real estate transaction from beginning to end.

3. We are the local experts! We understand the driving factors of the clients interested in investing in this area. We have deep roots in the community, our children attend the schools, our families are immersed in our local churches and charitable organizations - we live and breathe the area! Our focus has been to dedicate our knowledge and expertise to real estate along the Emerald Coast.

4. We are Sandestin® experts – we live, work, and play on the resort. Our agents have first-hand knowledge of the resort’s happenings and policies -rental restrictions, parking availability, and such. You will not find another brokerage better suited to help you live the Sandestin® lifestyle.

5. We’re equipped with the same tools as our “global” competitors. What makes us different? We are solely focused on the local market. Your real estate needs will not be lost in a worldwide marketing message. Our marketing is targeted and specific to those looking to buy and sell right here, along the beaches of Northwest Florida.

6. With our leisure resort department, we have a robust database of clients who have been to the area, love its lifestyle, and who want to make this their forever homes. This built-in audience guarantees your property is marketed to those who are looking to make our beach community their permanent home or their rental investment.

7. We have robust, paid marketing segments for our social media and email marketing execution. With this, we ensure that we are talking to the right client, at the right time, with the right message.

8. With 50 years in the market, we have built close relationships with other local brokerages and real estate agents as well as a network of nationwide agents over the many years of doing business in the community. Not to mention the long-standing connections we’ve built with title companies, lenders, contractors, home inspectors, and more!

9. We work directly with the top Rental Management companies, including Sandestin® Rental Management for access to rental projections and to optimize revenue for your rental investment.

10. We are dedicated real estate sales professionals. Real estate is the only job of all the agents who represent Sandestin® Real Estate. We don’t just do this “part-time” or as a “side hustle”. Real Estate has been and always will be our livelihood. 

We are proud to continue to be the #1 Brokerage in Sandestin! Partner with us as your expert and reputable partner in helping you make your dream a reality.

Sandestin RE Team