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Q2 Real Estate Market Overview: Sandestin and Miramar Beach

The second quarter of 2024 has been eventful for real estate in Sandestin and Miramar Beach. Let’s dive into the details of what happened in April, May, and June.


April saw 66 new listings and 41 properties sold. Homes had a higher average price per square foot compared to townhomes but took longer to sell.

  • Homes: 18 sold, averaging $544/sq ft, with a market time of 109 days.
  • Townhomes: Only 1 sold, at $438/sq ft, and spent 269 days on the market.
  • Condos: 17 sold, averaging $572/sq ft, with properties moving in 84 days.


In May, there were 55 new listings and 29 properties sold. Homes and condos showed resilience with strong price per square foot and…

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Hi, I’m Kitty! Your go-to REALTOR®

Coming from a background in business development and being involved through various roles in the evolution of our local community, I am now fully committed to leveraging my extensive experience and insights to benefit individuals like you— whether you're selling, looking for your dream home, the perfect office space, or a lucrative investment property, I bring a wealth of knowledge and personal touch to every transaction.

My Background

  • Walton County Business Development: 2 years
  • SRE Executive Director: 8 years
  • SRE Residential/Commercial Broker: 8 years
  • Sandestin Owners Association: 9 years
  • Baytowne Wharf Neighborhood Association Board: 9 years

What Sets Kitty Apart

  • Goes the…

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June has been proclaimed as the National Homeownership Month! This month is dedicated to raising awareness about the incredible benefits of owning a home and the importance of making homeownership more attainable for all. Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, now is a great time to explore your options.

The Benefits of Homeownership

Owning a home is more than just having a place to live. It's an investment in your future and your community. Homeownership provides stability, financial growth, and a sense of pride and accomplishment. It's an opportunity to build equity, take advantage of tax benefits, and have a space that you can truly call your own.

Making Homeownership Attainable

At Sandestin Real Estate, we understand the…

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Sandestin Real Estate is proud to have been voted the Best Residential Real Estate Group of 2023 by the esteemed readers of Emerald Coast Magazine, and it's all thanks to your unwavering support and trust in us.

This recognition holds a special place in our hearts, as it acknowledges our dedication to the craft and highlights the remarkable community we have the privilege of serving. Sandestin and its neighboring areas are truly a hidden gem along the Emerald Coast, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, modern amenities, and a welcoming community spirit.

Discovering Sandestin: A Gem Along the Emerald Coast Nestled in the heart of the stunning Emerald Coast, Sandestin is a place where the pristine beauty of white sandy beaches meets the…

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Did You Acquire Property in 2022?

You may be eligible for Tax Reduction Benefits!

Homestead Exemption:

You may qualify for substantial tax savings with the homestead exemption if you are a permanent Florida resident. This exemption is not automatically applied to your new home. As the new owner, you must apply for the exemption with the Property Appraiser’s office.

Homestead exemption could save you $500 - $1,000 each year. You can't rely on current taxes as an estimate following a change in ownership as these represented the seller’s taxes. The Assessed Value of your home resets to full Market Value in the year after you acquire the property, which could result in much higher taxes. Make sure to connect with a trusted real estate professional…

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Sandestin.floridaFlorida Still No. 1 for International Buyers!

About one in four (24%) international buyers opt for a home in Florida, finds Coldwell Banker study, compared to No. 2 California (11%) and No. 3 Texas (8%).  According to the Coldwell Banker International Buyers Guide, about one in fourof international buyers purchase a home in Florida. Percent of international buyers by state Florida: 24% California: 11% Texas 8% Arizona: 7% New York: 4% In 2022, the highest dollar volume among international buyers in the United States came from China, followed by Canada, India, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. “Florida and Arizona tend to attract buyers from Latin America, Europe and Canada, who are looking to purchase properties in warm climates for vacation purposes,”…

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Allegiant Airbus

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Vacationers will now find it even easier to visit the beautiful beaches of the Florida panhandle due to Allegiant Airlines announcing five new routes to the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport (VPS). To celebrate one of the biggest expansion in Allegiant’s history, the airline is offering introductory one-way fares as low as $33.*

Growing from five destinations in 2016 to 41 destinations, Allegiant’s expansion coincides with the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport’s rapid growth. In total, VPS passengers have increased from 915,560 in 2016 to approximately 1.7 million in 2019.

“Allegiant has delivered extraordinary compounding impacts to our region,” said Okaloosa County Commissioner Carolyn Ketchel. “The success story continues with…

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Homeshoppers should buy with their heads, not their hearts

Becoming a first-time homebuyer is an exciting and often complex process. Summer is the busiest season for home sales, and new shoppers can easily get caught up in the thrilling pursuit of their dream home, which often leads to overlooking potential problems along the way.

In a race to get to the finish line, inexperienced buyers can become distracted by some of the flashier amenities available on the market today.

Cosmetic upgrades such as granite counter tops, outdoor pools, raised vegetable gardens and spa bathtubs can camouflage some serious red flags and easily lead a new homebuyer to overspend or overlook structural issues.

The key to being a savvy first-time homeshopper is…

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Buyer Beware? Nah, just 10 Things Every Homebuyer Needs to Know

Never bought a home before? Or, bought a home long ago? These tips will help you better understand the home buying process especially in this day and age. 

Know Your Needs

It's important to think of the limitations each locale offers your lifestyle and the perks each has to offer -- before making the commitment to buy. And, the type of dwelling is important. Will you quickly outgrow that studio? Is a Florida cottage the perfect size? Will purchasing a condo allow you to forego the chores of maintenance and enjoy more leisure time?


Weigh The Costs Of Homeownership

There's more to consider than just a monthly mortgage payment. Will you be able to afford the…

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 3 Everyday Selling Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Follow these tips for a smooth sale

It pains me to say, but there are too many sellers in the real estate industry who are prone to committing costly mistakes. The sad part, however, is that the majority of the selling mistakes made are entirely avoidable but nonetheless devastating. Don’t fall pray to avoidable mistakes like those who have come before you.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes sellers make in today’s market and the best ways to avoid making them yourself when it comes time to sell your next home.

Don’t fall pray to avoidable mistakes like those who have come before you. 

Neglecting to secure the property

Security is, and always will be, an issue for…

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